You became a nurse because you care. Now you can have a partner who cares. The Nursing world is different now, and you have options. We help you with your next steps and can be trusted to work in your best interest. It’s harder than it should be to find the right role and organization, but we are here to change that for you.

Once you are part of the BrettonTrova family, you can experience what our Nurse Network offers: Growth & development, mentors, content and opportunities.


Our network of nurses is known for quality and we are known for being a true partner of yours. So whether it’s for the next month or the next year, we are here to help you as a true extension of your department.

Long term sustainable staffing models and resources are the differentiators. We can give you access to the best nurses in the region, and help you build a pipeline that can sustain the ups and downs and stay ahead of the curve.


No pressure, no rush recruiting. 

We aren’t a bullpen of recruiters casting a wide net, hoping for the best. We build long term relationships and have built our network based on doing what is best for you and at the time that it is best.

Navigating a market on your own can be tough – leverage our decades of relationships to help get into opportunities quicker and more easily, all while having someone in your corner to land the role you’ve been thinking about.


Changing the face of Nurse Staffing.

We are changing the face of Nurse Staffing through accountable results and solutions that are sustainable. There is a way to work in-state on a flexible schedule, find your next permanent role and have a partner you can trust. We are committed to value based care and that starts with dedicated Nurses and departments prepared to work with the best.


We build the team, you build the care.

This innovative approach allows clients to outsource their recruitment to BrettonTrova and immediately reduce travel nurse costs while on a pathway to expanding their staff by focusing on full-time hires. Let us be the experts in delivering the staff, while you provide expertise in delivering care.

  • Save millions of dollars per year in unnecessary travel nurse fees
  • Expand your staffing capabilities to see more patients and increase patient revenue streams
  • Build a long-term, sustainable staffing model


Let’s have a strategic conversation about how to get you ahead.