We are an end-to-end healthcare nurse recruitment firm that helps health organizations build sustainable staffing models and provides advisory services and educational support to nurses for career growth.

With an emphasis on retention and career development, BrettonTrova transcends the typically-transactional staffing model to greatly reduce the impact of turnover and burnout.

Hospitals and home healthcare organizations tap into BrettonTrova’s workforce solutions, including permanent placement, interim staffing, consulting, and recruitment as a service (RaaS) to drive patient satisfaction scores, enhance the nurse experience and increase retention rates.

Nurses choose BrettonTrova for its hands-on recruiting approach and access to mentorship and educational opportunities.


BrettonTrova is the combined legacy of two companies, each founded with a focus on improving the experience for healthcare organizations and nurses alike.

Bretton initially focused on innovating the supplemental nurse coverage model, providing educational support, mentorship and development plans for nurses who may not have that accessible through their traditional permanent or travel job opportunities. Trova elevated the hiring experience for job seeker and employer alike, specializing in permanent placement for nurses including staff and leadership positions through contingent, retained, and outsourced recruiting partnerships with healthcare employers.

BrettonTrova leads change for the healthcare employment space, focusing on forward looking models versus “the way things have always been done”. Providing advisory services and educational support to nurses so they can find the right employment opportunities for growth, development, and engagement. Bringing crucial recruiting support and subject matter expertise to our Healthcare partners, building sustainable staffing models. Through partnerships with nurses and healthcare organizations, we increase the scope and quality of patient care in our communities. This is our mission.



Above any business or revenue goal, we strive to do what is right for our partners and job seekers. We want to make a positive impact on every partner.


The question we ask ourselves before every interaction with a hospital or nurse: “How can BrettonTrova provide value?” Focus first on the positive impact you can make with your partner, and the revenue will follow.


Education is a core component of what we do. We want to help educate hospitals on the best way to optimize their staffing, and nurses on the best way to take ownership of their careers. We follow that credo by continuously evaluating and innovating our strategies.


The current staffing models in healthcare are causing burnout, turnover and low patient satisfaction. We dig deep to focus on fixing the process, instead of providing band-aid solutions.


This is one of our mottos at BrettonTrova. We want to take responsibility for our actions, work harder than anyone else to achieve results, enjoy what we do and make a real difference in the lives of patients, nurses and hospital administrators.

Greg Carbone
Managing Partner, BrettonTrova

Greg Carbone is the accomplished Managing Partner of BrettonTrova, bringing over 17 years of expertise in nurse recruitment, sales strategy, operational strategy, strategic planning, resource allocation, and team/personnel development. Since its founding in November 2022, Greg has played an instrumental role in establishing BrettonTrova as a market leader in Permanent Nurse Recruitment and Retention. Before co-launching BrettonTrova, Greg held significant leadership positions at Medicus Healthcare Solutions, where he was pivotal in driving program development and achieving notable accomplishments including, growth of new service lines and geographic footprint making it a top 5 largest locum tenens company in the U.S. Serving as Vice President for Emergency Medicine & Radiology and Women and Children divisions, Greg spearheaded substantial year over year growth that bolstered sales and recruitment efforts and enhanced business strategies.

Throughout his illustrious career, Greg has consistently demonstrated his unwavering commitment to excellence, continuously seeking innovative solutions to challenges in the healthcare recruitment industry. His exceptional leadership skills, profound market acumen, and unwavering dedication have cemented his reputation as a highly effective executive, driving nurse retention across multiple healthcare organizations. Greg remains a driving force in the nurse engagement and recruitment industry, steadfast in his commitment to providing groundbreaking healthcare employment solutions and positively impacting the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike.

Chris Romanello
Managing Partner, BrettonTrova

Christopher Romanello is an accomplished healthcare executive with over a decade of expertise in sales, recruiting, operations, and customer relationship management. His passion for providing new and innovative solutions to clients has driven him to excel in his career and contribute significantly to the healthcare industry. Currently serving as the Managing Partner at BrettonTrova since November 2022 and formerly the Founder of Trova Healthcare, Christopher’s visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in the growth and expansion of the company’s service lines including development and execution of consulting programs and the innovative RAAS offering. He leverages his extensive experience and dynamic skill set to spearhead exceptional candidate experience and strategic services offerings to overcome the challenges that all healthcare employers are facing.

Before his time at BrettonTrova, Christopher served in multiple roles across Medicus Healthcare Solutions. He started his career as a recruiter and progressed through multiple positions including business development, account management, and leadership. He oversaw multiple divisions including Radiology, Emergency Medicine and Surgical Services. Under Chris’ leadership these divisions experienced substantial growth and geographic expansion, the Radiology Division grew to be the largest provider of locum tenens services in the country.

As a forward-thinking executive, Christopher continues to impact the healthcare industry significantly. His keen ability to understand market conditions and develop strategic solutions coupled with an unwavering focus on customer and candidate experiences has contributed to the exceptional success of BrettonTrova. Chris is committed to continue advancing and broadening the recruiting solutions available for healthcare organizations while improving the hiring experience for candidate and employer alike.