Bretton Health Solutions, Trova Healthcare Announce Merger


New Hampshire, November 16, 2022 – Bretton Healthcare Solutions and Trova Healthcare have announced the merger of both organizations. With each company focusing on various aspects of nurse staffing and recruitment services the new merged entity, BrettonTrova, will work synergistically in offering complementary services within existing hospital partners, as well as expand reach to new hospitals and health systems nationally.

Greg Carbone and Christopher Romanello will act as managing partners and oversee the overall vision and day-to-day operations of the new entity. BrettonTrova plans to segment its business into a combination of Bretton Healthcare Solutions’ and Trova Healthcare’s core service offerings, including Permanent & Contract Nurse Staffing, Consulting, and a revolutionary new service to healthcare: BrettonTrova’s Recruitment as a Service.

In discussing their new Recruitment as a Service offering, Greg said, “It was very clear to us that combining the two organizations could propel a service offering that can transform the industry, and when you look at the talent that now makes up one team, it’s very complementary and industry leading. This team is capable of disrupting the nurse recruitment and retention space, immediately.”

This new offering, abbreviated with the “RaaS” designation, aims to offer a two-pronged approach to nurse staffing challenges hospitals are currently faced with. It has an immediate impact on travel nurse cost reduction, to the tune of millions of dollars per hospital in the first year, along with a longer-term strategy to reduce the overall need for contract nurse support while making sure hospitals are able to operate at full capacity.

When discussing the new organization, Chris was quoted as saying, “We are excited at the opportunity to elevate both organizations through the merger. Alignment on purpose, values, innovation, in addition to increased delivery capabilities made this an easy decision. We’ve accelerated our ability to provide best in class service through end-to-end staffing solutions including our flagship, Recruitment as a Service.”

With this new entity, BrettonTrova seeks to become a leader in nurse staffing and recruitment solutions to hospitals and health systems struggling with staff retention and cost pressures. As quoted by a Trova Healthcare client that will be partnered with the new merged entity, “We cannot imagine where our departments would be right now without this team. They have allowed us to recruit and retain talent and, most importantly, care for the increased demands of our patient population without having to shut down services.”

About Bretton Healthcare Solutions
Bretton Healthcare Solutions was founded to help solve some of the inherent challenges with nurse staffing coming out of the initial stages of the pandemic. With its mission to innovate long-term, sustainable staffing models, Bretton Healthcare Solutions has focused on providing alternative solutions to the traditional travel nurse model.

About Trova Healthcare
Trova Healthcare brings decades of recruiting experience spanning multiple industries. Its company mission is centered on improving the process for finding a job, hiring a staff member, and creating an exceptional experience for all parties involved. Trova prides itself as New England’s premier permanent nurse recruitment firm.

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